Past Performance

Cargo Force has maintained a history of dependable, on time, and efficient delivery and demonstrated the highest quality of performance with the USPS over the last two decades and most recently with its current THS Contract. In addition, Cargo Force has an excellent history of past performance with a myriad of commercial companies; this is exemplified by our operations at MIA – Miami, FL; FLL – Ft. Lauderdale, FL; JAX – Jacksonville, FL; SJU – San Juan, Puerto; EWR – Newark, NJ; PIT – Pittsburgh, PA, LBB – Lubbock, TX; and MSY – New Orleans, LA. Our industry knowledge and organizational experience have been successfully implemented in our terminal handling services.

“We have found that Cargo Force is one of the best mail processing suppliers we have in our network.”
Russell A. Sykes, Manager of Surface Transportation, USPS