Mr. Anthony Romeo, Chairman and CEO

Mr. Romeo began his transportation career in 1971 with Overseas National Airlines. He held Vice President Positions at Mid-West Airlines and Fleming International Airlines. In 1980 he saw the opportunity to support the rapidly growing supplemental and cargo airline industry with third-party handling services and founded Miami Aircraft Support. Miami Aircraft Support grew to be one of the largest providers of ground-handling services in the United States. Supporting such customers as Emery Worldwide, Kitty Hawk, Evergreen International and Express One, Miami Aircraft Support became the largest non-direct Postal Service contractor. The company’s operations supported the prime Postal Service contractors in ANET, WNET, DNET, Coastal Taxi, PMPC, and CNET peak season operations. The company was sold in 1999. Once again seeing the need for quality handling support to the aviation and warehousing community, Mr. Romeo founded Cargo Force in 2002 and purchased the business of Advance Cargo Services in 2003. In 2009, Mr. Romeo purchased the business operations of International Cargo Marketing Consultants (Alliance Airlines). That company will experience approximately $56 million in revenues in 2010. The combined companies now operate in twelve cities for over 20 major customers, including eight Terminal Handling Service Contracts (THS). As with all successful privately owned corporations, Mr. Romeo is very active and hands-on in the daily operation of the company. Tony views the Postal Service as an important and key customer in the growth of Cargo Force.

Jared Azcuy, Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Azcuy contributes nineteen years of experience in the transportation handling industry. As Vice President of Administration for Miami Aircraft Support, Mr. Azcuy oversaw all administrative, accounting and finance functions handled at its Miami headquarters. Following the MAS sale to WFS in 1999, Mr. Azcuy was retained by WFS to oversee the integration of both corporate offices. In 2002, Mr. Azcuy was employed by Phoenix Fuel Corporation (also owned by Mr. Romeo) as its Vice President and oversaw its finance, accounting, purchasing and sales divisions. While at Phoenix Fuel in 2002 Mr. Azcuy helped found Cargo Force where he continues to manage all the leasing, purchasing, payables, receivables, payroll, benefits and contract administration for Cargo Force’s operations and locations. Mr. Azcuy graduated from Florida State University with a Bachelors degree.

Robert W. Phelan, President

July 2011- present
Robert accepted the position of President, at Cargo Force, Inc. in July of 2011, relocating from Sacramento, Ca. to CFI Headquarters in Coral Gables, Florida.

Having almost 30 years of full-spectrum Aviation-Industry experience, Bob will be applying his Operations, Financial and Contractural expertise to one of the fastest growing ground handling companies in the country. Cargo Force and its AGI affiliate, under the leadership of Chairman and CEO, Tony Romeo, have a diversified and aggressive strategy for continued growth.

2004 -2011
Bob joined Matheson Flight Extenders as Vice President in 2004. He immediately took strides towards new goals by entering the company into the DHL and UPS market. In his short period with the company to date, he has grown the business 29% to over 14M gross revenue in 2008. Robert has successfully maintained lucrative contracts with USPS through a milestone bidding process that aided earning Matheson Flight Extenders an opportunity to be honored for its performance from the USPS. Because of Robert’s innovative and methodical data capture developments and reporting, he has secured Matheson Flight Extenders as the largest volume THS site vendor of the USPS.

Originally with Miami Aircraft Support since 1994, he played an active role as a member of the integration team when Worldwide Flight Services (WFS) purchased Miami Aircraft Support (MAS) in 2000. Since then, Bob shared his operational, financial, and contractual experience with WFS. Initially, he provided assessments, both operational and financial, on the stations in the Western Region and was responsible for establishing financial reporting procedures for WFS system-wide. In his role of VP of the Western US in 1997, Robert was familiar with all aspects of the ground handling industry and was responsible for up to 18 separate cities. His dedication and efforts contributed largely to the success of WFS.


Bob is well versed in working with customers to achieve maximum benefit for all parties, which has earned him the respect of many prominent airline carriers. His extensive background, outstanding leadership-style, and strong work ethic allow him to maintain positive working relationships with customers, corporate clients, peers and employees. His 30 years of aviation knowledge – from grass-roots to the Executive Boardroom, are key in leading negotiations for new and renewal contract business.

Jorge Badia, Director of Postal Operations

Mr. Badia has 19years of experience in the airline transportation and logistics field. Jorge first joined Cargo Force in 2006, by operating CNET Operation at EWR Liberty Airport, and during September 2007 opened the EWR THS. As the General Manager of the EWR THS he initiated the first CDF site in the entire nation, by planning and developing the groundwork for a nationwide cost savings program rollout for the USPS system. Today EWR CDF is the largest Consol-Deconsol Site location at USPS. During the fall 2011 Cargo Force was awarded the MTHS contract, processing and distribution of pro-grade military mail to the combat zone theatre, After the conclusion of 2012 peak season he was awarded special recognition service award receiving numerous Compliments from USPS and Military Service for one of the most successful years they had in Military mail processing. Prior to Cargo Force he was Executive Director of Operations for 12 years for an International Flight Operations Support center, UPS Air Operations Supervisor 7 years. Mr Badia holds B.S. Aeronautical Science degree from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University where hold a Multi-Commercial pilot rating, Flight Dispatcher license.